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Land of Medievals The Card Game retail version is now available to purchase at DriveThruCards:


Land of Medievals The Card Game is a Medieval Fantasy card game with mechanics such as combat, dice rolling and improvement cards.

Fight against fantastic creatures and opponent players, siege enemy castles and become the one and only King of the Land.

Inspired by ancient mythologies the game offers a unique gameplay, you will need to earn Army Units and Improvement cards for your faction, kill creatures at the outside encounters and make intelligent strategies using your cards to defeat opponent players.

Fight against opponent players while you battle in encounters and recruit troops for your army and King. Each faction has a King and an army, you can explore the Outside searching for encounters against fantastic creatures and Siege enemy castles.

Playtime: 60-90 min

Players: 2-4

Recommended Age: 14+

120 Poker Size Cards – Instruction Manual

Also includes Print & Play PDF with all cards in high resolution

NOTE: You will need a set of 10 dices to play (10d6) not included.


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